This page will help you get started with Ticker Websocket.

Channel: ticker

The ticker channel provides latest best bid and ask market data. All markets are of type update. Updates are sent when the new data is available.


Empty book

When price and size are both zero, it means that side of the book is empty.

wscat -c wss:// -x '{"op":"sub","channel":"ticker","product":"BTC-PERP"}'
{"type":"message", "connection_id":"8f8b70d9-86b8-42e8-bda0-c6277b43270d"}
// Request
  "op": "sub",
  "channel": "ticker",
  "product": "BTC-PERP"
// Response
  "channel": "ticker",
  "product": "BTC-PERP",
  "type": "update",
  "data": {
    "bid": {
      "price" :"37201.52",
      "size": "123.45"
    "ask": {
      "price": "37205.12",
      "size": "123.32"
    "timestamp": 1703513424291498000, // in nanosecond
    "gsn": 2219507 // exchange's internal global sequence number