This page will help you get started with Ticker Websocket.

Channel: trades

The trades channel provides trades data. All markets are of type update. Updates are sent when there is available data.

wscat -c wss:// -x '{"op":"sub","channel":"trades","product":"BTC-PERP"}'
{"type":"message", "connection_id":"62ea5c59-90d8-493a-aa89-74dbc7a2ab0a"}
// Request
    "op": "sub",
    "channel": "trades",
    "product": "BTC-PERP"
// Response
    "channel": "trades",
    "product": "BTC-PERP",
    "type": "update",
    "data": {
        "price": "37201.52",  // price of the BTC in this trade
        "size": "1.12",
      	"maker_side": "buy", // buy or sell
        "id": "0xf7695fdab16c40c4a7b23d0e66de72cc3dc42f13e013426e9a25c421a4386cf5", // an unique trade_id
        "liquidation": false,
        "time": 1702111485000000000 // unix timestamp in nanosecond of the trade, NOT current time